Hay pellet

Made of quality dust-free hay. Perfect for senior horses or for horses with tooth-, condition- or health problems. Before use should be soaked in water.

Lucerne pellet

Made of quality dust free lucerne. This product is a perfect fibre source for senior horses with health problems. Before use should be soaked in water.

Sugar beet pellet

High fibre content which has a good effect on the digestation. The sugar content gives high energy level. Before use should be soaked in water.

Soybean oil

Bio- GMO free soybean oil. Rich in Omega-3, what helps the optimal functioning of the digestive system, and gives extra energy for the everyday work.

General Feeding Suggestion

Concentrated horse feed should be divided into three doses on daily basis. Digesting big amounts of forage at once can increase the risk of the emergence of harmful fermentation processes. To avoid overloading the stomach please consider the feeding suggestions.

In case of the substance is mixed together with cereals (oat, barley, corn), the total weight of forage should not be more than the amount that is recommended in the feeding suggestions.

For 100 kgs of live weight the optimal amount of high quality of fibrous feed to be provided is minimum 1kg. The fibrous feed amount should be more in the evening than in the morning and the noon feeding.

Changing between different types of forage regularly needs a 6-7 days period.