Nowadays the stress related issues that are appearing in human nutrition as challenging areas to handle in order to avoid stress-induced digestive or neurological malfunctions are not exclusive for humans they are also appear in equine nutritional demands. Horses of course are exposed for different kind of stress factors but they present the same or even more intense biological reaction for stress. For handling these problems, we created our new product line that from now available in unique composition amongst hungarian equine feed supplement products. We timed our new product line’s debutation for the start of the spring, because this is that phase of the year when the changing environmental factors as vivid temperature level fluctuation and highly varied weather conditions creates the highest demand in support for the immune system. As the fields don’t provide extra vitamins and minerals for the grazing animals yet in this period of the year and furthermore stable-held sport horses usually has this limitation prevalent for the whole year entirety that forecloses the opportunity to feed them fresh pasture grass and to gain from its benefits.

That’s why we decided to uniquely use multiple immune system aiding supplements together in the Goldhorse horse feed’s premium line which we refer to as Hummovet to give the necessary boost for every horse whose diet contains our product to have the adequate digestive and neural support.

Our Hummovet mixture’s key components are Huminic acid and the Immunovet complex. 

Huminic acid has a centuries old reputation as an alternate antibiotic and natural antiviral agent, nowadays it started to be represented in modern scientific researches as well. 

The Immunovet complex’s main attribute that it can boost the optimal activity of the immune system making our animals natural defense stronger against various diseases. There are many researches about Immunovet-treated livestock which are shown positive results even in vaccine treatment efficiency and also in better general immune condition metrics in the effect of the Immunovet supplement.

Why huminic acid is a good choice?

Huminic acid’s components are refilling the necessary micro-elements, they are helping the digestive system’s optimal functions, they can minimalize the harm of several toxins and they can minimalize allergic reactions as well. They can help to support the immune system.

From the group of alternative nutritional supplements natural HUMINIC ACID seems to be outstanding because of the following reasons:

  • Has natural origins
  • Without side effects
  • Can support multiple areas
  • Contains minerals and micro elements
  • Has antiviral effects
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Support the digestive system
  • Helping natural detoxication processes

Natural huminic acid contains approximately 80 different mineral components and micro elements in that can be effectively utilised biologically.

Why IMMUNOVET is a good supplement?

IMMUNOVET’s benefits for horses:

  • Better physical condition
  • Stronger immune system
  • Quicker regeneration
  • Healthy coat, skin and hoof
  • Has anti inflammatory
  • Antioxidant effect against oxidative stress
  • Better breeding conditions for mares
  • Positive effect on the digestive system.


Our Hummovet supplement can be found in the Goldhorse Power Pellet horse feed. For the Complete Pellet and the Born&Grow Hummovet complex is and optional addition, those feeds can be ordered with and also without the Hummovet supplement.