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Goldhorse premium quality horse feed products

The Goldhorse premium quality horse feed products combine the tradition and the modern market demands.

The rapidly raising tendencies in horse breeding and in many areas of the equestrian sport as well require consistency and a professional and thoughtful approach in feeding practice that also can’t neglect how the modern horse keeping conditions are affecting the nutritional demands. We have to keep in mind the ethology, eating habits and nutritional requirements of horses. Our products are aiming to support and maintain the optimal health conditions of horses that leads to increasement in their performing- and mental abilities. The recipes of Goldhorse horse feeds are made with a mindful know-how, using quality-controlled raw materials and the guidance of the latest research results.

Goldhorse Complete Pellet

Base feed which is ideal for hobby and school horses, and it also can be a good fit for sport horses in rehabilitation. Goldhorse Complete Pellet does not contain oat, so it also can be fed to horses with oat sensitivity. It can be mixed with additional oat or barley. The basic feed includes all of the essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and amino acids. All of the ideal components to improve the overall condition and working ability of your horse.

Goldhorse Power Pellet

Goldhorse Power Pellet is an ideal fodder for sport horses and hard working hobby horses as well. Thanks to the professional composition it provides an increasement in the horse’s concentration level and it also brings a higher energy level for your horse. It helps to bring your horse to a fantastic form without getting uncontrollable or hot. As an oat-free product, it can be fed to horses with oat sensitivity.

Goldhorse Born&Grow

A concentrated granulated mix for stud-mares and foals for a successful, healthy and long life. In order to fully take advantage of the genetic capabilities, it is important to provide the adequate in uterus feeding for the foals not yet born. The adulthood strength and agility relies on the formation of joints and bones.


We decided to uniquely use multiple immune system aiding supplements together in the Goldhorse horse feed’s premium line to give the necessary boost for every horse whose diet contains our product to have the adequate digestive and neural support which complex we refer to as Hummovet.